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About Us


Changing the Home Buying Experience

Almost 20 years ago, 3 friends and partners set out to change the home buying experience. They spent countless hours looking and evaluating what was working and what was missing. The conclusion was an effective sales tool to engage a potential homebuyer. It was imperative to use the best technology available. It was with this simple concept that Fusion Media, Inc. was born.

In the months and years to follow Fusion Media acquired some of the top builders in the world.  They worked with and for Pulte Homes, Del Webb, DR Horton and Lennar just to name a few. With their creative designs and the use of Touchscreen technology they wowed buyers and over delivered to clients.

In late 2005 Fusion Media continued its growth and creativity with its current clients but ventured out into the world of luxury home builders/developers. Quickly they began working with Jack Nicholas Golf Course Development and many others. The highlight came with a pre-sales event at the Ledges Community located in St George, Utah where with Fusion Media technology they were able to pre-sale over $100 Million of Land/Homes in a period of a little more then a week.

Growing even more, Fusion Media attracted some of the world’s largest developers. In 2007 a contract was issued for Fusion Media to work with Nahkeel, the largest land developer in Dubai. Shortly before this project happened the economy changed on a dime. The industry that Fusion Media was a leader in was no more.

Quickly Fusion Media pivoted and in 2009 the founders launched TouchMD. Simply stated, it is state of the art medical consultation software built for plastic surgeons and dermatologists. Growth was dramatic. With their same attention to detail and in house development and customer service the company grew month over month and year over year. In 2014 the company was sold to Alphaeon Corporation out of Southern California for $22 Million.

Never really losing their love for Home Building/Developing the founders have now re-entered the market under the name NoviHome. They have brought their vision, in house development team, creative team and world-class customer service.  What they have created is ground breaking and never been done before. They are connecting the emotional component of buying between the seller and buyer. With an exceptionally successful business track record and a desire to create the very best real estate buying and selling experience they are wowing clients. NoviHome is poised to change the industry again and for the better.