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Deliver a Buyer Experience

With NoviHome, you will be able to deliver a buyer experience through multiple apps. With in-house marketing at your fingertips, you will have the ability to cross-sell and up-sell all of your services while at the same time saving you money.

The NoviHome Focus™ app helps with photo management from blueprints, to progress photos to keep buyers informed. You can manage documents easily and view analytics to track buyers’ engagement. NoviHome helps you capture, engage, convert, and retain leads to close homes faster and more efficient than anyone else.



Marketing Hub

NoviHome is the ultimate marketing solution, designed to promote your development and provide an incredible experience for your customers. Present floor plans, videos, virtual tours, photos, and brochures to personalize each customer’s interest, as well as giving them the ability to take it on the go to show their friends and family. This enhanced experience clearly communicates and store different options and ideas for reference throughout the building process.



NoviHome Focus™

NoviHome Focus is an innovative way to register and communicate with buyers wherever they are. Easily upload pictures and videos straight to the buyer’s account, creating a simple way to introduce ideas and keep them updated during the building process.




With NoviHome, capturing, tracking, and converting leads will help you increase a higher individual success rate. NoviHome tracks what buyers look at from the content you provide and how frequently they view it. This makes it simple to identify and follow up with serious buyers. The ability to track buyers will create smoother conversations and better follow up.



Drawing Tools

Advanced drawing tools give you the ability to communicate clearly, make changes on the go, and consistently document progress and share ideas with buyers.



NoviHome Mobile App for Buyers

The NoviHome app lets your buyers take the recommended information that you provide wherever they are! This makes it easy for your buyers to show their friends and family the custom content you provided about your homes. You can easily upload photos and videos to their account keeping them updated on the progress of their home!